Federal Technologies

Federal Technologies supports the development, marketing, management, and capitalization of research and development activities in the information, cyber security, construction, medical, and energy technology sectors. Federal Technologies establishes operating and capital joint ventures with technology and finance partners in the international markets to complete various phases of technology development that are in stages of commercial application.

Two representative technologies are information technology and cyber security technology:

Federal Imagine is developing software technology applications allowing users throughout the globe to access the services of most Internet applications through one program. As a result of this gained efficiency, users will partake in virtual work with increased productivity and decreased frustration, allowing for more streamlined communication along with effective channels to promote products and services.

One of the most pressing challenges facing governments, financial institutions, financial services firms, and business in general is cyber security. Federal RMX is capitalizing and commercializing the first absolute data protection system ready for industrial realization. Predicated on a new class of mathematical functions known as probability-determined self-organized structures, this microchip-based solution operates at the highest cryptological level.

Learn more about Federal Technologies at www.federalimagine.com.