FedCor provides real estate and international business consulting services with the objective of
enhancing client and shareholder value. Whether guiding the master planning of large sites for land owners, advising community builders on marketing strategies, or assisting financial institutions with real estate owned assets, FedCor is single-focused on optimizing value while assisting with the complexity of the development process. FedCor also advises corporate clients desiring to expand into international industrialized and emerging markets.

The FedCor management team has extensive experience in entering new markets, identifying potential business opportunities, undertaking market and transaction due diligence, expanding international marketing channels, negotiating and structuring agreements with international governments and corporate partners, and assisting owners in managing offshore interests.

FedCor offers a menu of extensive and integrated consulting and advisory services based on the ability to quickly and cost effectively understand the fundamentals of local markets throughout a global arena. From Africa to Asia, from eastern and western Europe to the Americas, FedCor has the on-the-ground experience and an expansive network of professionals and consultants to provide effective global implementation capabilities in addressing the most challenging and complex assignments.

Learn more about FedCor at www.fedcorconsulting.com.